On friday evening i was invited by Levi's for a talk between Shepard Fairey and André in the new flagship of the brand, newly opened on the Champs-Elysées.

Great store by the way.

Shepard and André just collaborated on a few limited edition jean jackets and tshirts and that's the reason why they were here, just part of the contract. At the very end i heard Shepard saying to the moderator, a guy from Levis San Francisco, that the questions were not too bad...
But they seems to be very relaxed and to enjoy being here.

Anyway the place was packed of bloggers (like me), fans and people from i dont really know where...

For an hour both artists explained where they met, their beginning in the graffiti world, how they see the link between art and commercial...

After they were signing books and posters, chatting around a glass of wine.

By 11 O'clock everyone was gone. Fun evening, cool dudes, everything perfect.

Here are some videos of the talk and a few pictures of the store.

colonne Morris revisited by Shepard

New York building by Mr A

obey jacket

André jacket

Obey tshirt

André tshirt

back from the days...


and the little drawing André did for me on a shepard's paster

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