I let everyone have his own opinion about this project, but personnally i think it's a big joke.

but it will work very well i am sure, people are so narcissistic nowadays.

nothing new in the concept, warhol was offering that "service" back in the 70's and JR is having a big success with his Inside Out project printing the same kind of portraits that murakami is.



Artist portrait on view at Art Basel Miami Beach
Booth #G06

Galerie Perrotin is proud to exclusively offer you to commission your own portrait by Takashi Murakami. 

Portraits have always interested Murakami and in 2011, he began a series featuring his artist friends. Now he would like to develop this project with all of you. As with his Factory-like studio, in the idea of commissioning portraits directly to the artist, one can feel the underlying current of Andy Warhol's influence. Warhol's project was widely criticized in its own time and now Murakami is taking the risk of being similarly misunderstood in his venture.
The project is also, first and foremost for Murakami, a means of exploring the Internet and computer age. Fascinated by new media, Murakami is using digital photos as the core of these portraits. It is no accident that he chose his Facebook and Twitter profile image for his own entry in the series. Nowadays, people have their own portrait gallery exhibited on digital walls. A transient image of the digital world to be transformed into a tangible painting, when you decide on your picture, take your time and make the right choice.

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