I'm devastated by the Zimmerman verdict of not guilty in his shooting of unarmed Trayvon Martin. Self-defense is not a suitable legal defense when Zimmerman aggressively stalked and instigated a confrontation with Martin. What if the clash had lead to Zimmerman's death… would the jury have come to the same verdict? Zimmerman was an unnecessary aggressor and created a situation that never needed to happen. Zimmerman should have been found guilty of manslaughter because it is very difficult to prove the malice required for a murder verdict. There need to be consequences for instigating a confrontation with, and then killing, an unarmed teenager. Justice was not done in this case. Please use whatever outlets you have to voice your opinion if you feel the trial result was unjust.



  1. I do not really have much to say on the issue except to say in my opinion this case now has all the hallmarks of a new conspiracy theory.

    No matter who had won or lost the case, the other side would have protested.

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